Jan. 1 2019

Jan. 1 2019


Might and mettle

A life-long designer, I've discovered that working with metal is my ultimate...

I fell back into the arms of metalwork in 2006 after a long hiatus, and while daydreaming about wearing an utterly kickass crown to my otherwise simple backyard wedding. I could not find the head-piece I wanted - I would have to make it! Thus, I was introduced to Art Clay silver and it was love at first firing - with my fine arts education grounded in printmaking, ceramics and sculpture, it was a perfect match. Art Clay and print-making techniques allowed me to reproduce my own designs the way I wanted, and offered up faithful and fine reproductions of natural materials and vintage textures. I was smitten. I still am.

I have since branched out and moved away from working with Art Clay (for everything but the tiniest sweet details every once and awhile) and I now forge and fabricate with sterling silver, semi-precious stones and mixed metals including copper, brass and gold to expand my jewelry palette. Much of my work is etched with my own hand-drawn designs; I make everything one-of-a-kind.

My printmaking and illustration work has also been an ongoing albeit quiet process in my life, and it’s only recently that I decided to expand this website to present that side of my creative work as well.

Away from the studio, I am happiest on the hiking trails with my husband or exploring with him on a roadtrip adventure, expanding my cooking practice, drawing and printmaking, reading and resting, being a mom to two senior baby cats and dancing as a member of Shades of Araby, a Toronto-area ATS™ bellydance company.

I invite you to follow me on Instagram @theLadySmithErika for a more personal view of my life and process. And cat photos.